Beas Braiding & Extensions
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You too can create those hot, new, dramatic and care-free hair styles. You can add length, volume or just create different streaks in your hair ~ instantly. For simply beautiful, quality and natural looking hair extensions, wigs, cornrow, braids, dreadlocks, up-do, hair pieces, lace wigs. Look no further than Bea’s Braiding.

Hair extensions can change your life style, giving you more self-confidence. An experience you only have to discover by trying. Call Bea's at 403-237-8308 for a free consultation and an instant 10% off when you decide to do your hair.

Our mission is to service everyone, the movie industry, the fashion minded individual, children, seniors, clients with medical needs or just any person with a hair "need" in a friendly, successful manner at a very resonable cost.

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Thanks Bea. I love my hair. The Mega Extensions look and feel natural it's been a blast. People stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful my hair is. Little do they know that my natural hair is thin and scraggly. By the way, I have discovered that men love long hair. Click here to read more

March 2014

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